Bedroom Closet Organization

Bedroom Closet Organization Ideas

Having a full closet that is full of junk, unwanted items and miscellaneous clutter can actually be a setback for most of us. It can feel overwhelming when thoughts of de-cluttering begin, and you begin to consider looking for closet organization ideas.

Closets are an easy place to quickly become filled with “stuff” because they are a place in the home you can put stuff you don’t want to see and hide it behind a closed doors, therefore a closet system may help you with organizing, especially when used in conjunction with a few simple tips:

Installing Extra Closet Items/Systems to Maximize Storage:

Many people will clean a closet only to find it messy again in 3 months. This is why finding good tips and closet organizing ideas can be helpful. It can help you to get you closets organized and stay that way for good. No matter what room it is in, there are great things you can do for closet organization.

There are many options for items to use in closets, such as closet systems for large and small walk in, storage boxes, shelving and more. You also do not have to spend a fortune, as cheap solutions are available. You will save the most money by doing your own installing, and many products can be purchased at Lowe’sor Home Depot for the Do It Yourself type.

If budget is not an issue, you can have custom closet design done by hiring professionals. This can be very expensive and you may be able to save by coming up with the closet organizer ideas yourself, along with doing the installation.

After your closet has storage and a place to put your things, it is time to put things back in, but this time you are going to put a whole lot less in there. The way you place your items is important so that it does not require alot of effort to get items out, so think carefully about closet design.

Steps to Staying Organized:

Just finding and reading closet organization ideas will not keep your closets tidy. It all starts with what you put in there. Once everything is out of your closet, and you have placed shelving, boxes or shoe racks in there, it is time to put stuff back into it. If you are seriously lacking space to house your items, consider additional storage options such as wardrobe closets or plastic storage bins. For clothing, you want to weed out anything you have not worn in six months or more. Even if you “hope” to fit into those jeans again someday, it is time to let them go. It is that attitude that got your closet in this shape in the first place.

It can also help to be visually organized. You can do this by using the same hanger for every piece of clothing. Not some white plastic, some wooden, some that shirts came on when bought from the store; hangers that are unified. This will keep a pulled together look in the closet which can help you to stay organized in the future.

The ultimate tip for staying tidy is only to put items in that get used. Do not have the attitude that you can continue to hide items behind doors because no one will see them…if you do not use it, get RID of it!

There are many more closet organization ideas and tips soon to come for every closet in your home, including many more ways to keep your closets clean and bedroom closet organization ideas! After you wade through and get your closets all cleaned and spiffy, be sure to read more, such as our tips for outdoor organization ideas!

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