Best Simple Human Trash Can Reviews

Simple Human Trash Can Review

The Simple Human Trash Can is one of the most popular trash cans on Amazon and other online shopping sites. This page will give a comprehensive review of the Simple Human Trash Can, two in particular, the step one and the sensor one, and let you make an informed decision that it’s the best trash can for your needs. In my research Amazon consistently offers both of these Simple Human Trash Cans at a great price and quite often you can qualify for Free Super saver shipping.

simplehuman Rectangular Step Trash Can, Fingerprint-Proof Brushed Stainless Steel, 50 Liters /13 Gallons

simplehuman Rectangular Step Trash CanSimple Human Trash Cans, What All The Fuss Is About….

The Simplehuman Rectangular Trash can is a durable stainless steel trash can that become a stylish feature in any part of the home. Conveniently, you can open the lid just by stepping on a platform pedal. Rather than slamming shut the lid will quietly close rather than slamming shut with a lot of noise. This is due to the air suspension shocks. Sounds like a car but in truth it’s an awesome trash can and is highly recommended if you have a family who ends up opening and shutting the bin all day and night.

Another feature is the fact that it has a non skid base so that it keeps sturdy on the floor. Also if you hate stainless steel because of the ugly fingerprint marks you’ll love this trash can as it’s fingerprint proof – so it will have a shiny, mirror finish day and night.

Inside the trash can there’s a plastic bucket which is dent proof and the smart bucket bag-change system means you’ll never have a smelly, messy bag overhanging.

Features & Specifications

  1. Strong all-steel pedal
  2. Lid closes silently
  3. Patented toe kick
  4. Resists smudges and fingerprints
  5. Excess bag is hidden from view

The Simplehuman Rectangular Step Can has received a lot of positive feedback from its customers and Creatrope feels the same.

The Negatives

Who would have thought that there could be so much positive feedback made for a trashcan?

I have been pleasantly surprised with the findings of our research into the feedback for the Simplehuman Trash Can. While the majority of reviewers have only positive things to say about this garbage can, there have also been some criticisms leveled at the product, which it’s only fair that I share with you today.

One customer wasn’t a fan of the trash can’s latch that holds the lid open. He personally found it difficult to operate. He argued that the user has to force the lid open as far as possible in order to access the latch. While most of the customers haven’t found this to be an issue, you might want to keep it in mind if you are planning to purchase the product.

Another buyer had a complaint about the trash can’s foot pedal. They complained that when they depressed the pedal too fast the lid opened too quickly and slammed into whatever was directly behind it. However, no other buyers commented on this at all and didn’t seem to experience it.

One final negative review was made by a customer who described that his trashcan had a faint “plasticky” smell when he first obtained the product. I guess it’s like a new car, most things that are new – well, smell new, and I wouldn’t let it put you off purchasing this product at all.

That’s pretty much it in terms of negative feedback for this. You can check out these reviews in more detail.

The Positives

It’s quite clear that most buyers of this Simplehuman Rectangular Trash Can are very happy with their purchase and clearly their reviews reflect this.

The reviewers have left a lot of positive feedback in regards to this product’s well thought out design. It’s quite clear just because there’s trash inside the bin doesn’t need to look like rubbish. Clearly the reviews and ratings on Amazon reflect how much buyers appreciate this.

Also a lot of homes now have stainless steel appliances and the stainless steel design of this trash can means it can blend in beautifully with your kitchen and home decor easily. Rather than an eyesore it can become a nice feature.

Another thing buyers love is the fact that their kids of all ages haven’t been able to knock it over and create one awful mess. It’s like having a eco dumpster rental right in your kitchen. Not only that it will easily keep domestic animals and bugs out too.

Further, the size of the can has impressed buyers to no end. Even though it does have a large capacity as far as rubbish is concerned it doesn’t take up too much room and can easily fit wherever there is room against the wall.

The mechanics of the product have received a lot of positive comments. The reviewers really like how the lid closes slowly without making any noise. Another benefit is that children will be unable to pry the lid open without using the foot pedal because the lid is sealed within the casing.

Finally, compliments have also been made for the fact that it doesn’t show fingerprints, that it is easily cleaned, and that removing the bag is simple.

The Conclusion

Would we recommend the Simplehuman Rectangular Step Can to our readers?

Yes, and here is why:

Virtually all the customers who have purchased the Simple Human Trash Can have been thrilled with their purchase and consider it well worth the price.

Simplehuman Rectangular Sensor Trash Can, Fingerprint-Proof Brushed Stainless Steel, 40-Liter /10.5-Gallon

Features & Specifications

  1. The most important feature of this trash can is its adaptive sensor that easily adapts to your tasks and behavior and its touch free opening and closing technology.
  2. It’s 40 liter in size and is also fingerprint proof and has a stylish stainless steel finish.
  3. The inner bucket is very easy to clean.
  4. The lid features odor control so there’s no harsh smells when the lid actually opens as often happens.
  5. It has nylon discs underneath so it is easy to slide to wherever you want to locate it in your house.
  6. It can be powered either by electricity or battery, the choice is yours.


This is touch free technology at its best. You and all your family members will never have to touch the bin to open or close the lid.

This is as hygienic as a trash can can be. The sensor even closely watches your behavior so that it doesn’t open or close the bin when you don’t want it to.

This  can also has a fingerprint proof finish that keeps the stainless steel looking bright, shiny and clean at all times. As the first Simple Human trash can I earlier reviewed it also has a dent proof plastic bucket.

The great thing is that 6 size C batteries should see this bin sensoring away for up to 365 days with normal use. Alternatively you can use the AC power adapter.

It also comes with a 5 year limited warranty which is a pretty insane warranty for a trash can, don’t you think.

The Negatives

I’m quite astonished at the number of positve reviews for this trash can. There really are very few negative comments regarding this trash can. One customer wasn’t too happy that the batteries weren’t included with the purchase.

They also commented that if you place this trash can in a confined space you could find it accidentally opening should your hand pass over it as you walk past.

Another buyer commented on the fact that his cat could actually open the can and also knock it over. He also commented on the fact that no AC adapter nor batteries displeased him.

It seems that overall the negative comments relate to the lack of batteries and AC adapter and hopefully SimpleHuman will take note of these comments and pay a few dollars more to meet this simple need.

The Positives

There have been some exceptionally positive reviews for this Simple Human trash can.

One buyer commented on the fact that they had saved $60 buying this trash can on Amazon and considers it a first class item.

Buyers consistently just love the sensor feature and the fact that you can use standard trash cans.

The stylish, stainless steel finish is also a big plus as it enhanced your home and kitchen decor and is definitely not a trash can to hide under the kitchen sink.

Customers also love the fact you can easily switch between batteries and electricity, it’s your hoice.

It is a great trash can if you are nervous or cautious about your kids putting fingers near or even in the trash so this should give you real peace of mind.

The Conclusion

Would we recommend the Simplehuman Sensor Trash Can to our readers?

Yes, and here is why:

Virtually all the customers who have purchased the Simple Human Sensor Trash Can have been thrilled with their purchase and consider it well worth the price.

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