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Keyless Lock Systems – The Pros and Cons

Are Keyless Locks The Answer?

When it comes to keeping your home safe and secure, traditional keys have one fundamental flaw: they tend to have a mind of their own.

Losing keys completely is a relatively rare occurrence but temporarily misplacing them and being unable to leave the house until you have tracked them down is something that happens to us all on a regular basis.

Advantages of Keyless Entry Locks

The main advantage of a keyless entry system is the convenience of never having to worry about where your house keys are ever again. Doors are unlocked by typing a code into a keypad or by using a remote control device similar to that used to open a car.

With keyless entry, it is impossible for you or members of your family to lock themselves out of your home and you no longer need to hide a spare key somewhere a burglar might find it. You also need never worry about leaving your keys hanging from the lock overnight.

Keyless locks are particularly handy if you have friends or trusted workmen coming to your home as you do not have to wait in for them. Simply give them the code and they can let themselves in and out. You can then reprogram your keypad with a new code to maintain your level of security.

More advanced systems allow you to issue temporary codes just for visitors. Most keyless entry systems make use of deadbolts which are much more secure than traditional cylinder locks, affording you far greater peace of mind when you are away from home.

Problems with Keyless Entry Systems

Keyless systems do have some disadvantages though. They tend to be significantly more expensive than traditional locks and may need to be installed by a professional, further increasing the cost.

Electronic systems can be problematic in the event of a power failure so need to be backed-up by batteries, though care needs to be taken to ensure these do not wear out.

Should you forget your PIN, it will be far more difficult for a locksmith to open your doors and should someone discover your PIN they will be able to enter your home at will. For the same reason that you should hide your PIN while entering it into an ATM, you should also ensure no one can see you type in your PIN when you enter your house.

Similarly, while using a remote fob to open the locks is extremely convenient, especially if you are carrying shopping into your home, the devices are expensive to replace if they are lost and represent a potential security threat. High Quality Keyless Locks The quality of a keyless system can also affect your level of security.

Keypads on the cheapest units may fade over time, giving potential burglars a clue as to which digits are being used most.

Cheap push buttons systems can also be problematic as the resistance of the most-used buttons can decline over time. The best systems will sound an alarm if too many incorrect attempts at entering a pin are made and in reality, the chances of anyone being able to guess correctly are extremely slim.

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