credit card cable organizer

Card Cable Organizer

Here’s a five minute hack that fixes the annoying problem of having cords fall down behind your desk when they are disconnected.

  1. Locate a discarded stiff plastic card (such as a credit card)
  2. Punch 3-5 holes at regular intervals along one side. Too many holes will weaken the holding power. If your cables are thick you might need something a bit bigger than a regular hole punch.
  3. Cut tiny triangular slits leading to each hole. Keep the slits small to avoid weakening the card.
  4. Finished Card
  5. Staple (other otherwise adhere) to back of desk and run cords through the holes

Since the holes are big enough for the cords, but not the connectors, they will not fall through (as illustrated). The cords stay neatly together as well. The card may be oriented in many different ways. One more cool idea from Creatrope!

What are your cool ideas?