how to organize your messy closet from scartch

Simple Tips to Organize Your Closet

How to Get Your Closet Organized from Scratch

Closets are a place to put clothes away and also a place to store some of our accessories. Often, many people go too far and store every kind of item in their closet, until there is no space left inside.

We have to make as much space as possible in our private area for all the things we need. Some closets are big and almost like a small room. You can walk through them and usually have a place to put everything. They have shelves and storage areas for clothes and shoes, and sometimes even cosmetics and perfumes.

If you don’t have such a closet, you’ll need to think a little about how to organize your closet space better.

We love walking in these great closets and we all wish we had one. But not everyone is fortunate when it comes to housing their wardrobes. Because some of us only have regular closets that have a limited amount of space. You can organize your closet in a way that can keep all your things well organized.

When organizing your closet, you should have everything at hand and go through it one piece at a time. Select only things that you still use on a regular basis and would like to keep them separate for later. There are a lot of things that can be folded and put in your dresser drawer, and things that you don’t use anymore. Throw this last group away or give it to a worthy cause.

This will make extra room in your closet for things you want to keep. Hang the clothes you want neatly on hangers and back in your closet. Try to keep all the same colors together. This will help when you, when you need to choose a certain color to match your wardrobe and everything will look cleaner and more organized in your closet.

When the seasons change, go through your closet and leave the clothes you wear only during that season. And the remaining clothes you can store away until the season changes again. This will make more space when you are using only the clothes for that season. You can buy and put the shelf dividers and closet organizers in your closet to get the most out of your closet space.

This will make a place for your small items of clothing and accessories. And will help you have a place to put everything. You can put things such as hats and belts in the bottom corner of your closet. You can put a shoe rack in the bottom of your closet to store all your shoes and keep them organized. These are just a few closet organization ideas, take time and learn what’s best for you.

How to Organize your Closet

1. Take a close look at the use of your closet space. Consider how much space you have, how it is organized and how much is being wasted. Is there unused wall space where they could install shelves or racks for shoes instead? Is there room for a small book shelf or chest of drawers? What’s in the back of the door (which can be a good place for a hook to hang your bathrobe belt or a rack and accessories)?

Seriously consider adding shelves, drawers, racks and whenever possible use the available closet space and maximize its usefulness. There are a lot of closet organizers available for all budgets and it does make a huge difference in keeping your closet clean and uncluttered in the future.

2. If you only want to use the space you have, it is fine, go to step three. Otherwise, if on the other hand, you decide to add shelving or storage units, do serious research about it and visit local stores for home improvement. Closet organizers are essential for organizing your closet. Don’t underestimate how useful they are. Also, ask your friends for their best ideas for organizing closets. Have a look in your closet.

Once you’ve selected and purchased an organizer, take everything out of the closet and install new storage units. If you add drawers or boxes, label them to make it easier to identify the categories of items (belts, scarves, bags, etc.).

3. Clean the cabinet, vacuum the floor and wash the rods and shelves. Now you are ready to begin the process of selection and elimination. Decluttering is a ungrateful task, but it will be easier and more productive if you have the right attitude.

First, set aside a time to do it when you are full of energy.

Secondly, when work is overwhelming, remember that the satisfaction of a clean, well organized, uncluttered wardrobe of clothes, not to mention the time you can save.

And third, be prepared to be ruthless about getting rid of items that have outlived their usefulness. If you must, set a standard for every item, for example, anything you have not used at all during the past 12 months must, without exception, must be thrown away.

Now that you’re in the right frame of mind, you’re ready to begin seriously decluttering your closet. You’ll enjoy the view of it afterwards.

Decluttering Your Closet

You should declutter your closet at least twice a year. In spring and autumn are an ideal occasion, since most people buy new clothes at this time. But sometimes you may need a deeper reorganization. Here are some steps you can take to make the job easier and more productive.

Before you take anything out of your closet or begin sorting and organizing, do the following.

If your closet door is not closed properly it may be because the closet is too full or just needs more closet organization so that everything fits perfectly. While no one likes to clean and organize the closet, you can do it in a few hours. It will make a big difference. Once your closet is organized you will be able to find things faster in the morning and know what you are buying without purchasing duplicate items because you cannot find things.

To begin to organize your closet, you want to get 3 different boxes. One box is for things to be given away or sold in a sale of things that will no longer be use, which are things that are still fashionable or do not fit anymore. Another box will be for things you can store elsewhere, this is what you have stored in your closet that you still need to maintain, but can be removed because you do not use it much.

The last box is for items you want to keep. The items you want to keep, you can lay on the bed still in on a clothes hanger. For other items that you want to keep, you’ll need a closet organizer, one for each kind of item: ties, shoes, and so on.

You will want to remove everything from the closet to clean it completely. Place the items in one of the boxes mentioned above. Once everything is out of the closet, you can take care of the boxes. This will make your room look less saturated, and you will feel as you’ve moved forward.

Now comes the fun part, putting things back in your closet. At this point you may want to take a few minutes and decide how you want your space to look in your closet. You can buy specialized organizers (recommended) to help your closet get organized and stay that way. Or you may just want to buy plastic containers with lids. When you put your clothes in again, you want to sort by color and season so it will be much easier to find what you want.

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