Small Closet Organization Ideas

Small Closet Organization Ideas

It always seems like we never have enough space in our closets, and are always on the lookout for closet organization ideas to gain the most amount of space. This is even more common when we are plagued with a small closet. If this is your situation, here are a few ideas on small closet organization in order to create more space and make your items more accessible and easy to find.

Creating the most storage space out of your closet is the key. First, be sure to de-clutter yourself. Look at what is in the closet and ask yourself if you really need it. Whatever you do not need or use anymore can go towards having a yard sale or donating it to charity. If you find you can not part with it, see if you can store it in another area of the house, such as a storage building or in organized bins in the garage storage area.

Consider using different types of hangers. There are many accessory hangers designed to create more space, and organize, such as multiple pants hangers, tie and belt hangers. These accessory hangers will keep everything together by consolidating it and therefore creating a little more space.

Many small closets are equipped with one rod to hang clothes. Try installing a double-decker rod, which will create additional space for short items. Many name brands sell kits for these purposes that are easy to install.

Instead of having just one shelf, turn it into a series of shelves. This will allow you to separate items and have them easily accessible. It also gets rid of the hassle of pulling out and putting back heavy boxes. Store items rarely needed or used in the back or on the high shelves, with regularly used items more in an easy reach placement.

Also, consider purchasing a closet organizational system. Many on the market add cubbies; shelves and drawers to put you closet items in. Just viewing these items can often give you closet organizer ideas that you may be able to accomplish at home with out the purchase of expensive store solutions. However, use caution when purchasing these because some models can be quite bulky and end up taking more precious space, rather than giving you more.

In addition, utilize your closet door. There are many organizers that fit over the door where you can put your shoes and accessories, freeing up some more real estate in your closet. There are also floor organizers for these items as well that will sort your shoes and keep them nicely tucked away and appear to be in an organized manner.

For smaller items, you may want to pack them up with stackable storage boxes with lids to keep the stored away. This way, the items are not visible, not in the way, but are safe from harm in a durable container.

While you may not have the ideal size for a closet, by using a few neat tricks you can optimize and utilize the maximum amount of closet space for your belongings, and come up with your very own closet organization ideas along the way!

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